CEI specializes in the pharmaceutical, biotech, financial and sports industries, having supported events of all size and scope, in venues across the globe. No matter what the project entails, our dedicated project managers will help you identify your needs and meet your budgeting goals. We focus on understanding your organization, mission and objectives, and will take every step to ensure all aspects of audiovisual and production are selected and designed to reinforce your message and create an engaging environment for participants.


Our team can provide audio and video equipment to record your entire event. Whether you’re looking to host a hybrid meeting or simply need to look back on recordings for reference, we can provide capture and editing solutions to make your content ready for sharing. 

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With a collection of data gathered from site visits, venue charts, equipment specs, and photos, our experienced Project Managers can design your AV set without you ever needing to take a step inside the room!

We provide you with the ability to experience your event from the perspective of an attendee, a presenter on stage, from any angle, all through designing customized renderings with all the details in mind.


It is our goal for the REAL event and the RENDERING to look one and the same. No surprises, what you see is what you get.